In a search assignment we actively look for premises that suit the client’s specific needs. We use our network to perform a qualitative search within and outside the market. 

We will then create as complete an overview as possible of the options available on the market, and which of these could offer the best solutions based on the particular requirement specifications.

We assist clients throughout the entire process, from obtaining prospectuses, site visits (with and without clients), negotiations and drawing up of lease agreements.

Tenant advice

We assist our clients when their lease is nearing expiry, or if the landlord is considering relocating or renegotiating the lease.

Lease management

We offer management and administration of letting agreements. This involves helping monitor property owners’ or tenants’ portfolios, with a view to ensuring that the leases always contain optimal terms and conditions. 


We value all types of commercial property.

Individual properties or portfolios. 

Property valuations. 

Rental valuations (the current market has created a growing need for assisting our clients in establishing appropriate rents).